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Wondersource helps you find and connect with carefully selected experts, coaches and practitioners through 1:1 and group sessions, online. Whether it’s managing anxiety, lowering inflammation levels, healing your gut, overcoming burnout, becoming a better leader, reducing stress levels or navigating chronic illness, our experts are here to support you on your journey.


Wondersource helps you unlock your potential, heal and live healthier

Wondersource is a virtual holistic mental and physical healthcare platform designed to help you feel healthier and more empowered — at work and in life. With an evidence based approach, Wondersource provides access to curated coaches, alternative healthcare practitioners, healers, functional medicine practitioners, registered dieticians, personal trainers and more, trained to provide expertise, guidance, offer accountability, and address barriers to help people live better and prevent, manage, and even reverse chronic health conditions.

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“Everyone needs a coach. We all need people to give us feedback. That’s how we improve”

Bill Gates

You’re in good company

“Wondersource is an excellent platform that I would highly recommend no matter what goals you are working towards. I love the fact that you can browse through so many experts all in one place and choose who is best suited to your own needs.”

Founder, London

“With Mary-Lou’s empathic and intuitive guidance, I managed to unpick and turn around a deeply ingrained and very negative belief, which had been formed in childhood. This happened within just one hour. The result: my troubled relationship with a close family member is transformed. I couldn’t recommend her – and The Work – enough.”

“Wondersource is an amazing resource – I truly feel it is a one stop shop for incredible coaching and support resources. I found it hard to choose just one coach to help me with my recent need for executive coaching recently and I am excited to try the other lifestyle coaches, especially the tarot reading! It can be expensive to try and fail to find the right coach, not to mention time consuming. Wondersource saves you time and money”

About Wondersource?

After years of studying the genetics of psychiatric conditions, Lea Davis has come to realize that at a biological level, “there is no difference between mental health and physical health.” Wondersource takes a holistic approach and is designed to help you feel healthier and more empowered — at work and in life.

“We built Wondersource to be a robust platform that people can turn to and feel supported wherever they are on their journey. Whether they want to get to the root cause of a health issue, relieve stress levels, or develop self-awareness and better navigate blind spots, the support of a trained expert can make all the difference in helping people to feel better physically and mentally.” Founder, CEO, Michelle Velan

From stress management support to coaching to enhance professional performance of top executives, Wondersource aims to hold health and wellbeing at its peak with top resources for every facet.

Why Wondersource?

Handpicked Experts

Handpicked Experts

We carefully vet all our amazing practitioners so you don’t have to

Easy to Book

Easy to Book

We value great user experiences and our platform is simple and easy to use

One platform for your health and well-being needs

One platform for your health and well-being needs

We cover a variety of key areas and are the support you can turn to wherever you are on your journey

1-1 Bespoke Meetings

1-1 Bespoke Meetings

Our practitioners tailor and consider each session to the individual; increasing the likelihood of improvement and growth

Anytime, Anywhere

Anytime, Anywhere

Whether you’re travelling, busy with a deadline or sick at home, our online platform enables you to connect from wherever you are

Education Portal

Education Portal

Our resources help you live healthier, more empowered lives – both at work and in life

“A healthy diet can’t compete with chronic stress and unresolved trauma. Mental health is physical health.”

Dr. Will Cole

How it works

Browse and Book

Browse and Book

Browse or search our community of experts to find the right one for you. Most experts provide a free 15-minute consultation so you can choose who’s right for you.

Get Confirmation

Get Confirmation

Once you book your session, your selected expert will confirm the time date for your meeting and we will send you a calendar invite with a video conference link.

Connect and Talk

Connect and Talk

Your confirmed meeting email will contain a dedicated video conference link and dial in number to connect with your expert.

The Wondersource guarantee

– We help you connect to experts, coaches and alternative healthcare practitioners across key areas of life designed to help you live healthier, more empowered lives

– Our safe, secure, easy, friendly, accessible platform enables: search, messaging and payment to be self-contained and seamless

– We vet and curate great experts so you don’t have to

– We are an educational platform around mental and physical healthcare and empowerment

– We are dedicated to removing shame from getting support in stigmatised areas

– We are the supportive place that you can turn to wherever you are on your journey: if you want to improve your mindset, support your mental health, lose weight, lower inflammation in your body, improve sleep and so much more, we’re here for you.

Built utilising peer-reviewed mental and physical health care research

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Preventive coaching programs for individuals have been shown to reduce psychological distress and burnout, and improve overall satisfaction in life. Read More

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By participating in coaching sessions, studies have shown improvements in mental health, quality of life, and goal attainment Read More

Jama Network

The study suggests that the functional medicine model of care may have beneficial and sustainable associations with improved health related quality of life in patients Read More

Journal of Lifestyle Medicine

Health coaching results in clinically relevant improvements in multiple biomarker risk factors like blood pressure, total cholesterol, body weight, body mass index, waist circumference, and cardiorespiratory fitness. Read More

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