10 Things we know to be true about health and human potential

Michelle Velan, Wondersource Founder

We believe in an evidence based approach to health and performance.​
  • Everyone holds great potential within, but they may be held back by self-doubt. Jay-Z said, “I believe everyone in the world is born with genius-level talent. Apply yourself to whatever you’re genius at, and you can do anything in the world.” If you have a desire to make an impact, you are a leader. Targeted 1:1 support from a coach is the surest way to help you move through self-doubt & limiting beliefs and access self-awareness so you can realise your potential. At the same time, to perform at your best, it’s important to take good care of your physical, mental and spiritual health.

  • If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together’ – African Proverb. People need support to get to where they want. Wondersource provides access to carefully selected coaches, functional medicine practitioners, registered dieticians, healers and personal trainers, trained to provide their expertise, guidance, offer accountability, and address barriers to help our customers achieve their goals, reduce stress, become the people they want to be and prevent, manage, and even reverse chronic health conditions.

  • We love online courses, but the reality is that completion rates are low and the knowing-doing gap is real. To make meaningful changes, personalised support from an expert or coach is what is transformational. We are all unique and when it comes to our health and performance, what may work for your best friend or brother, won’t necessarily be right for you. We believe in getting to the root cause of health issues and optimising for health and performance accordingly. ​

  • Your mental health affects your physical health and vice versa. Studies show that people with mental health problems are more likely to develop diseases. Globally we are starting to wake up to the fact that we need to pay our mental health the same attention we give our physical health. This is why we have experts and coaches who support all these aspects on our platform.

  • Everyone is affected by mental health issues at times and support goes a long way. The WHO constitution states: “Mental health is a state of well-being in which an individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and is able to make a contribution to his or her community.” Like physical health, there are different degrees of mental health that a person experiences throughout a lifetime, ranging from great to so-so, all the way to illness or disability. At some stages, people may have good mental health with few to no problems. Whereas other people might experience serious mental health problems that have a very negative impact on their lives. Most people, however, fall somewhere in the middle. While they are generally in good health, problems do come up. These can be triggered by bigger life events like moving cities, losing a job, handling a loved one’s health crisis or burnout or something more minor like having a fight with a partner. Knowing that you can get support in a variety of ways that are best suited to your unique needs can be a huge boost to confidence and resilience.

  • 60-80% of doctor visits are either caused by stress or exacerbated by it (Centre for Disease Control, CDC). 60% of adults in the US develop a chronic disease most of which are lifestyle driven and preventable. Meanwhile, the healthcare system is not helping people prevent future diseases or get to the root cause of existing ones and help to reverse them. We’re committed to doing our best to fill the gaps by providing access to vetted functional medicine practitioners, health, mindfulness, leadership and life coaches, alternative healthcare practitioners and healers. Wondersource connects people to the right support to reduce stress, optimise health, prevent future diseases and thrive.​

  • Chronic conditions are on the rise globally and conventional medicine isn’t designed to prevent it. Thankfully functional medicine can help fill the gap. In addition, every chronic condition is a mental health condition. Sometimes stress, depression or anxiety causes health problems. Other times they just make them worse. In every case, treating both the body and the mind leads to better, lasting outcomes.

  • 90% of our health is socially determined and genes only account for 10% of diseases (CDC). Although the risks of developing chronic diseases are attributed to both genetic and environmental factors, this gives us a lot of room to influence our own health outcomes. ​

  • Trust is a concern for people when finding the right support. A primary reason people don’t take up coaching or work with a health expert is because they don’t know how to find a trusted expert who is right for them. We know how frustrating it is to have someone who isn’t on your wavelength and wastes your money, makes you disclose personal information, and generally leaves you feeling worse than when you started. We’ve also noticed that some of the best experts aren’t investing time in getting known – so they stay a well-kept secret.

  • Less clear tangible benefits holds too many people back from getting the support they need. Like therapy, coaching is hard to quantify but that doesn’t make it any less useful and worthwhile. There are reasons that top leaders like Eric Schmidt, Sheryl Sandberg, and Steve Jobs all invested in coaching. You’ve got to do it to know the benefits for you. Thankfully there are more and more studies estimating the ROI (see here and here) but these won’t tell the whole story. You can see more of these stories on our site. 

We have built Wondersource on these truths. We have done the hard work of vetting experts and understanding exactly how they can serve our community. Our simple platform connects you for personalised sessions with these vetted experts and coaches in three key areas: 

  • Career, business and life coaching

  • Alternative healthcare & healing

  • Fitness & nutrition

We care about our community above all else. Our promise to you is that we will keep striving to improve your experience. We are there every step of the way to help match you to the expert you most need in your life right now. And we’re always happy to hear from you. If we can support you in any way, please email us at admin@wondersource.co. Photo by krakenimages on Unsplash.


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