5 Steps To Achieving Your Goals

Michelle Velan, Founder of Wondersource

Last week we took a look at why it can feel overwhelming to set goals and discussed some great ways to get started dreaming big. Now that you’ve thought about your goals and have them written down, it’s time to set about achieving them. Nothing feels better than arriving at your goal and being able to celebrate all that you’ve accomplished. It all starts with these 5 steps.

1) Recognise any limiting beliefs around why you can’t have your goal and work through it
If you set large goals, you will likely come up with resistance or limiting beliefs when setting a goal. If your goal is genuine and meaningful to you, trust that you have it for a reason and you are meant to achieve it. Write down all the reasons you think you won’t be able to achieve your goal and then ask yourself if that’s the absolute truth. It never is. People break records and do things that defy odds all the time. If you need inspiration look to Michelle Yeoh who just won the Oscar for best actress for Everything Everywhere All at Once. Yeoh became the first person of south-east Asian descent to win the best actress Oscar for her role. She dedicated the award to “all the little boys and girls who look like me watching tonight”. She continued: “This is the beacon of hope and possibility. Dreams do come true. And ladies: don’t let anybody ever tell you you are past your prime.”

So be sure to challenge your limiting beliefs and swap them for more helpful ones. For instance, you might think “I can’t start the business that I’ve always dreamed of because other people are already doing it and there’s not enough room for more businesses.” Is that the absolute truth? Definitely not. Competition can mean that there’s demand which can be a great thing, you can also recognise that you are unique and no one will create your business in the same way that you would. Imagine if Nike was never created because Reebok and Adidas already existed! When fears or doubt come up, continue to do this process until you feel more confident, worthy and excited about what you’re working on. When you open yourself up to the idea that your goals are achievable and inevitable and own the fact that you are worthy of them, incredible things can happen. The following Gospel and Jim Carey quote can be an inspiring reminder:

“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”

“I learned many great lessons from my father, not the least of which is that you can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love.” – Jim Carey

2) Time manage effectively
What types of activities do you spend time on that aren’t adding value to your life? Would it be social media, binging TV, cooking? Can you cut them out or drastically reduce the time you spend on these things in a healthy way? Be honest with yourself and replace these with activities that fill you up and allow for critical thinking. Make sure you’re leaving space for spontaneity. It’s just as important to have fun and participate in activities that improve your mood and focus like going on a walk or talking to a friend.

2) Do the hard thing first
The majority of people are most disciplined in the morning before distraction appears in the form of meetings, emails and children’s schedules. Each day, work out what tasks are most important to achieving your goals and tackle them first. As the day goes on you run out of time and decision fatigue sets in.

3) Accept failure

While failure is not often described as desirable, it is an inevitable part of life and one of the ways we learn our most precious lessons. When working toward big goals you consistently step out of your comfort zone. Look at failure as a stepping stone to success. Winston Churchill famously said, “Success is going from one failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” With this in mind, accept that failure is part of life, that you can gracefully accept it and learn from your mistakes as you move on toward your goals.

4) Create a support system
A mentor, coach, or like-minded community to keep you accountable and to lean on for support will make achieving your goals feel less scary. It takes time to build these relationships and once you find them, it can be incredibly helpful to talk things through, gain wisdom and find inspiration from other’s stories. These folks will lift you up when you need it and believe in you when believing in yourself can feel like a challenge.   

5) Welcome criticism
Most people have blind spots and aren’t able to see the things that may be holding them back because they are too emotionally attached to the outcome. Constructive criticism from someone you trust is a great way to learn and to challenge your way of thinking.

Throughout this process you’ll feel the ups and downs, the wins and losses and whether you are setting out to launch a new company or write a book, inspiration is going to help keep you going. Find it in a podcast like How I Built This or via inspiring quotes that you keep in visible locations around your work space. We’ll leave you with one of our favorites.

“The temptation to quit will be greatest just before you are about to succeed.” – Chinese Proverb

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