Are all Wondersource practitioners certified?

While Wondersource conducts an initial screening of all practitioners on the platform, including a 1:1 call and a thorough vetting form, we do not guarantee that every practitioner is certified.

This is because a) we believe that someone who’s worked for years in the space or is considered a trusted expert, if for example they’ve written a book, may still be able to add a tremendous amount of value even if they don’t have a certification and b) we cover a lot of areas and there’s still not a universal understanding of what sort of certification is meaningful in some of the areas. It is our aim at Wondersource to provide transparency and legitimacy to some of these areas that are still considered more alternative but have been a huge value add to countless people.

However, the majority of Wondersource practitioners have been interviewed, background checked, have submitted positive references, and have confirmed that they are certified.

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