What is Wondersource?

1. Wondersource is a centralized marketplace to find and book physical, mental and spiritual health and mindset practitioners spanning hundreds of specialties. Wondersource practitioners cover: Functional Medicine, Business Coaches, Health Coaches, Nutritionists, Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioners, Reiki Practitioners, Healthier, Mindfulness Coaches, Mindset Coaches, and more.
2. As the first-of-its- kind in Europe, our mission is to address the growing need for preventative healthcare by providing easily accessible preventative and proactive healthcare resources through 1:1 and group sessions online.
3. We believe that a personalised approach to physical, mental and spiritual health care can make all the difference in living a healthier life. What works for your friend or sibling is often not right for you. At the same time, we believe that living a healthy life, preventing future diseases and unlocking potential requires a holistic approach and combines the best of eastern and western practices.
3. We are an education tool to inspire you and help you to learn about physical, mental and spiritual health and disease prevention.
4. We are a trusted friend when you want some extra support, a guide to explore unlocking your potential and preventative health care solutions, and a trust-based booking tool to make it all happen with ease and confidence.

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