Why should I use a coach vs a therapist for my mental wellbeing?

Therapy can be an amazing tool to develop awareness, improve negative self-talk and so much more; however, it’s not right for everyone and there are many other ways we can support our mental health. If you are experiencing stress related to work, a coach can be a huge asset for reducing and managing stress as they can help you to navigate challenging situations in an empowering way.

Coaching as an alternative to therapy for mild-to-moderate needs is a relatively new concept, but early research shows significant promise. Coaching has been shown to help people evolve past harmful patterns of thinking and improve self-awareness. By participating in coaching sessions, studies have shown improvements in mental health, quality of life, and goal attainment. Preventive coaching programs for individuals have been shown to reduce psychological distress and burnout, and improve overall satisfaction in life. These initial conclusions reveal that coaching is likely a highly effective alternative to therapy for many individuals with mild-to-moderate mental health needs.

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