Hypnosis for Beliefs and Habit Control

Michelle Velan, Founder of Wondersource

We recently posted about hypnosis as a common relaxation technique, but hypnosis is actually more commonly used as behavioural modification that releases negative habits and beliefs. If you’ve ever found yourself feeling utterly powerless and frustrated over negative beliefs or bad behaviour, which can lead to diminished physical health, anxiety, and isolation, choosing hypnosis may be the technique that can turn your beliefs and behavior around.

Through the power of suggestion, hypnosis enables you to acquire control over destructive impulses developing positive coping mechanisms. However, breaking bad habits is only possible if you:
– want to make changes
– believe that you are capable of making these changes
– open to using the tools and techniques

Author of Subconscious Power: Use Your Mind To Create The Life You’ve Always Wanted and hypnotist, Kimberly Friedmutter says, “Hypnosis has a 93% success rate, even with fewer sessions, than both behavioural and psychotherapy combined”, according to research studies. The main purpose of hypnosis is to remove negative attitudes, maladaptive behaviours and the negative self-image underlying symptoms.

A study in hypnosis for smoking cessation demonstrated that 81% of patients reported they have completely stopped smoking at the end of treatment. In another study, hypnotic intervention was combined with Rapid Smoking treatment protocol, by which 39 out of 43 patients reported abstinence up to a 3-year follow up.

In weight loss treatments, a study showed that by the end of a 9-week programme, hypnosis clients showed more significant weight loss compared to those who received normal behavioural therapy. Hypnosis clients maintained their goals in weight loss, up to 2 years.

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