Wondersource helps you to find and connect with trusted experts, coaches and alternative healthcare practitioners who can help you unlock your potential, heal and live a healthier life.

90% of our risk of disease, is determined by our environment—including modifiable lifestyle behaviours like our nutrition, stress levels, sleep habits, and physical activity.

With chronic disease on the rise globally, the modern world requires that we embrace a new approach to preventative healthcare.

Point solutions miss the point. Achieving optimal physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing requires a holistic approach and there’s no one-size-fits all method that works. With top experts and practitioners across several modalities that can tackle issues from all angles, we ensure the whole person gets supported and treated — by empowering people and bringing together the best of technology and the human touch of trained experts.

“Costly chronic care needs are growing and exerting considerable demand on health systems.” PwC Global

“The way most doctors practice medicine right now isn’t working.” – Dr. Mark Hyman

The majority of doctors today aren’t trained in nutrition and disease prevention. Even if they were, they don’t have the time required to spend with each patient to get to the root cause of health issues and help them heal. That’s where the support of a trained expert can make a big difference. And, it can take time to research and find the right support. We know this from experience. This is why we offer a variety of choices. We also help select the coach for those that prefer that.






“We know that mindset and what we believe is one of the most powerful tools we have when it comes to upleveling our health. Yet, many of us do not take advantage of this. We focus on what we eat or how much we are exercising, but we rarely stop to evaluate our thoughts.”

Dr. Mark Hyman

Why Functional Medicine

Conventional medicine has various limitations when it comes to addressing chronic disease:
1) there isn’t a focus on prevention
2) doesn’t get to the root cause and heal

Functional medicine, a component of Wondersource, is an approach to the practice of medicine that better suits the needs and challenges of the modern world because it addresses the root cause of disease, and seeks to understand the multiple factors that determine a person’s health, including personal history, genetics, lifestyle, environment, and mental and emotional factors. It can have a huge impact on one’s overall wellbeing.

Why should I use Wondersource, and not ask my friends for contacts?
How do you vet your coaches and experts?
Why do I need a coach or expert?
Why should I use a coach vs a therapist for my mental wellbeing?

Why should I use Wondersource, and not ask my friends for contacts?

The coach or expert who helped your friend may not be competent in supporting you with your particular area of focus or problem. Plus, having some options to choose from means you’ll be more likely to find the right support for you. Your friend’s contact may be great for you, but as was the case for us, we didn’t always perceive the same value as our friends did.

How do you vet your coaches and experts?

For each coach, expert and wellness practitioner on Wondersource, a member of our team has done a qualitative review. We have verified that all the experts are who they say they are, they’ve all submitted references and they’ve all gone through an initial interview with a Wondersource rep.

Why do I need a coach, expert or alternative healthcare practitioner?

With stress levels and chronic diseases rising and mental health suffering, making time for wellbeing is more important than ever – but wellbeing can look very different to different people. That’s why we’ve got a range of options to find the best fit for you to live healthily and perform at your best. Whether it’s managing anxiety, lowering inflammation levels, healing your gut, overcoming burnout, becoming a better leader, reducing stress levels or navigating chronic illness, our experts are here to support you on your journey whenever you need it.

Why should I use a coach vs a therapist for my mental wellbeing?

Therapy can be an amazing tool to develop awareness, improve negative self-talk and so much more; however, it’s not right for everyone and there are many other ways we can support our mental health. If you are experiencing stress related to work, a coach can be a huge asset for reducing and managing stress as they can help you to navigate challenging situations in an empowering way.

Coaching as an alternative to therapy for mild-to-moderate needs is a relatively new concept, but early research shows significant promise. Coaching has been shown to help people evolve past harmful patterns of thinking and improve self-awareness. By participating in coaching sessions, studies have shown improvements in mental health, quality of life, and goal attainment. Preventive coaching programs for individuals have been shown to reduce psychological distress and burnout, and improve overall satisfaction in life. These initial conclusions reveal that coaching is likely a highly effective alternative to therapy for many individuals with mild-to-moderate mental health needs.

“Mental Health is a real issue that every person has whether it’s a clinical diagnosis or just a moment you’re going through. All of us have moments so we cannot judge each other and make people afraid to talk about what they’re going through. We can’t shame people.”

Venus Williams