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Join our workshop: Soothe your SAD

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Soothe Your SAD - Oct 12, 7pm BST / 2pm EST

Soothe Your SAD – Oct 12, 7pm BST / 2pm EST

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a mental health condition which causes people to experience low mood and depression often starting in the autumn and lasting until Spring. It is reported to affect 2 million people in the U.K. and it can affect people of all ages, with more women being affected than men.

In this workshop we will:
✨ Discuss some practical tips and guidance on what you can do to feel energised and motivated
✨ Guide you through a powerful Hypno-Breath process to a tap into your subconscious mind to support you and increase your vitality
✨ Access your pineal gland to regulate your melatonin level to help manage SAD

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