Public Speaking, Presentation Coaching (Package of 8)

£3,000.00 8 hours



A tailored programme designed to help you build confidence, develop your charisma and communicate with clarity, whatever the occasion. By the end of this programme you will have the skills to: 

  1. Create presentations that persuade and inspire
  2. Manage anxiety and perform under pressure
  3. Speak with impact when you present

Across 8 x 1 hour sessions, we will cover:

Part 1: Performance intelligence

– Quiet leadership: finding your authentic voice

– Stage presence: mastering the medium (online and in person)

– Impromptu speaking: performing under pressure

– The rules of engagement: owning the room

Part 2: Speech Writing

– Empathetic communication: Presenting up, down and across 

– Effective storytelling

– Structuring a presentation for impact

– The art of persuasion

Between each call, I will give you a challenge to do ahead of our next session to put into practice what we’ve covered. If you’ve got presentations coming up, I can make the challenges specific to that so you’re ready to present with impact when it matters.