Spiritual Coaching – Package of 3

£270.00 60 minutes



Spiritual Coaching will help you develop a deeper connection to both your inner world and to a higher purpose. It’s about aligning with what feels right and authentic to you. With a spiritual practice it becomes easier to move forward with faith and intuition as opposed to pushing and stressing.

Studies have shown that spirituality leads to more positive outlooks, better quality of life, and better health and enhances recovery from illness and surgery amongst many other things. The benefits are huge. Being spiritual and having a spiritual practise is not necessarily a religious practise, it can be growing a sense of peace and purpose. To me it is about developing a sense of inner knowing, your intuition, knowing that we are co-creators of our reality and that we are way more powerful than we often believe. Developing spiritually is stepping into who you truly are, embracing your personal power and tapping into our full potential.

Spiritual coaching will help you connect with your higher self, the all knowing part of you that has quite a few good answers and insights! It will help you connect to your intuition and move you forward with confidence and clarity.