Team Management Profile

£285.00 60 minutes



Whether your primary focus is on your own future career, being a better manager and leader, or getting results for your organisation, the first step is the same – know where you yourself are starting from.

The Team Management Profile is the key element in an integrated system that links your personal approach with a broader picture of what creates a high-performance environment.

You complete a 60-item questionnaire about your fundamental preferences in key areas at work.
The strength and range of your preferences combine to show where you are on the Team Management Wheel. This enables you to see your job and your career in a new light.

It also helps you to understand better the working relationships you have with the people around you: who you need to complement your preferred way of working and why some people are easier for you to work with than others.

Above all, you gain more insights into the strength that comes from diversity and the need for mutual understanding.

This enhanced awareness helps you to motivate and energise others.

Once you have completed your questionnaire, you will be invited to book a debriefing session with me. Here we will go through the profile in detail and discuss what it means for you and your leadership role.
You can do the profile as a stand-alone exercise that will give you key insights into your own management style and preferences. At the same time by understanding your own profile you will automatically recognise why people may be similar or very different from you.

Alternatively, you book the Team Profile as the first step on your coaching journey.
It is the best way I know of starting a coaching process because it will give us both a much better idea of who you are and what drives you.