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Ashley Zucchet Logan

360 Coach

Montreal, Canada

Using active listening, a sense of humour and balanced energy, I approach all coaching experiences with curiosity and passion. I bring with me nearly two decades of experience in Learning & Development, and 5 years of Leadership Coaching, but beyond the experience is my commitment to unstick you, build you up, challenge you, and connect with you.

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How can I help

I specialize in leadership and career growth. The most recurring themes I work with are imposter syndrome, giving and receiving feedback, having difficult conversations, navigating change, and career development situations (transitions, maternity/paternity leave reintegration, work life balance etc).

I realize shopping for a coach is tricky and personal, and I welcome you to book a discovery call to see if I am the coach you need.

Work Experience and Accreditation

I joined my current company, 9.5 years ago when it was a small start up and have been building programs and coaching leaders as we acquired 10 companies and eventually went public on the New York Stock Exchange and TSX. We are now over 3000 employees and I have coached leaders in diverse roles, at every stage of their career and support them with frameworks to help them continue development. The coaching I do involves the whole person, and tackles any aspect they feel is preventing them from moving forward to hit their goals. You can't be your best self if you don't start asking questions inwardly.

Masters of Educational Technology

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The Quickie


Pop in for a quick unsticking or accountability check. We all need this sometimes.

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This 3 pack will offer you enriching coaching through a series of thoughtful and curious questions that build from session to session. You'll get energy from the sessions.

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