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Dr. Ava Eagle Brown

Mindset & Life Strategist

London, United Kingdom

Awakening Your Calling to Your Life's Purpose
Reset Your Mind and Claim Your Birthright

Dr. Ava Eagle Brown is a multi-award-winning International Speaker, Author and Transformation mindset business coach. She coaches, trains and speaks globally to help others shift their mindsets to change their lives and businesses ultimately affecting their bottom-line.

She proves that your past doesn't have to determine your future. She has mastered her mindset and loves to help others do the same.

She is the author of her memoir The Mango Girl soon to be a feature film and producer/director of the short documentary style book The Single Mother’s Diary. Her recent exploits include starting a hair and skin line called The Mango Girl. Ava has moved from a family who is moderately illiterate to a household name globally. Mindset shift is her biggest Mantra. She has shared stage with the likes of global leaders like: Levi Roots, Eric Thomas, Nick Vujicic, Hollywood -Sheryl Lee Ralph, Darren Marissa Peer, Joseph McClendon 3rd among others of influential and status in this space.

She has been featured in: The Belfast Telegraph, The Financial Times, The Sunday Mirror, The BookSellers, BBC, London Live, Huffington Post, The Voice Newspaper, Television Jamaica, Sky TV, The Guardian and more!

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I can help you transform your mindset and improve your life!

Add clarity and help you find purpose

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Work Experience and Accreditation

Like any French individual, you start your career by being highly specialised. Following the completion of a MSc degree in Supply Chain and Procurement, I started my career as a Global Buyer. I was specialised in managing global projects and tenders across various countries. Throughout this experience, I realised that I really enjoyed working with various people from various backgrounds and cultures more than delivering cost savings as such.  This influenced my second career move to become a Consultant, as I was looking to work in a more dynamic environment for various clients, industries and within different teams. As I started this role, I realised that the "people" component was still driving me but should be even more at the heart of what I do!  I started researching opportunities to develop my knowledge when it comes to people development and identified coaching as the right next step for me and my career. I made the decision to specialise in Career Transitioning as I believe everyone should have a career they are truly passionate about (as I've mentioned above!). I've also kept a foot in businesses and I'm specialising in Scaling Up businesses which for me is a great blend of my previous experience as a consultant and coaching.

  • Relevant Credentials:

    • Ulster University 2020  - International Social Enterprise

    • Empowerment Coach Academy -Certified Life Coach

    • Certified Trauma Coach

    • Certified in Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprogramming (EMDR) for PTSD, Paul Newham | Human Science UK-EMDR Therapy and PTSD

    • Management & Leadership , NLP (2016)

    • Management & Leadership Network-Social Enterprise Northern Ireland, NIVCA

    • Master Business Administration (MBA), University of Wales (Sep 2010 – 2013)

    • Master Business Administration (MBA), Newport University UK Campus (Feb 2004 - Jul 2006)

    • Bachelor Business Administration (BBA), Newport University UK Campus (Aug 2003)

    • Diploma Teaching Secondary Education, University of the West Indies (1993 - 1996)


Meeting Dr. Ava Eagle Brown was definitely a life changing event for me. She has helped me push past my fears, obstacles and find my strength. Now I can work towards my goals confidently and with integrity. Dr. Ava is an amazingly effective coach and I am very grateful to have someone like her in my corner.

Monica Taylor, Founder / CEO of Perfecting Elegance

Dr Ava Eagle Brown has truly been a Godsend to me. In more ways than one, ‘Dr Eagle’, you have been much more than my Coach. You listened. You listened. You listened. You picked me up numerous times even when I did not know that I was on the floor. Your patience with me was so palpable – and still is. You literally took me by the hand and said, “Let’s do this together” and we did. You opened new doors for me in business, huge doors in fact. I have learnt the nitty-gritty of business. In under 2 months I was making more money and closing more clients. What is more is that you did not only stick to our scheduled sessions, you were able to support me at times and in moments outside of the schedule. Thank you so much ‘Dr Eagle.’ You really have changed my life. Helped me find my strengths. Shown me even greater possibilities. And been a true sister, friend and Coach. I love you ‘Dr Eagle.’

CoachKemi CEO, How2Think Global Coaching/Consulting Empire

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I can help you:

  • Transform your mindset and improve your life!
  • Reduce limiting beliefs
  • Add clarity and help you find purpose
  • Create a blueprint for your next step
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Mindset Coach

1 x 60mins

I can help you:

  • Transform your mindset and improve your life!
  • Reduce limiting beliefs
  • Add clarity and help you find purpose
  • Create a blueprint for your next step
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