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Helena Bianchi MA, RHC, RNHC

Health Architect

Vancouver, Canada

Helena is a Health Architect

MA, Registered Health Coach (RHC), Registered Nutrition & Health Coach (RHNC-II)
Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach

With all of the sickness, depression, obesity, and low energy taking over our world, to be and stay healthy almost seems impossible. Helena Bianchi does the impossible every single day by helping people architect a peak performance life so you can feel better and heal yourself naturally.

Helena’s background in biochemistry and cancer research, combined with Holistic Nutrition certification, teaching and public speaking experience, and her relentless passion to making you feel good makes her THE go to resource and mentor for her clients.

It’s almost like having your own personal nutritionist, dermatologist, therapist, and weight-loss clinic all bundled into one cheerful package.

Helena has built cutting edge wellness strategies for you because of her commitment to learning—not only is she a Registered Health Nutrition Coach (Nutraphoria School of Holistic Nutrition), she also holds these accolades under her belt: Master of Arts in Biochemistry, Bachelor of Science in Biology (Minors in Chemistry and Mathematics), and Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy.

Having grown up in Brazil, she was connected to nature from the start. From dancing in the rain and playing flute for orchestras, she pranced around airports and new experiences when she traveled to the US to live in Boston, Florida, Austin, and Ohio.

Helena’s passion really ignited when her son got sick. In 2008, she ended her 6.5 year stint in biochem/cancer research. Though she loved her job, it became stressful for her when she had her son, and had a long commute to work. One day, her son got sick from allergies and eczema, and she decided to troubleshoot it herself as she didn’t trust big pharma. She did deep research, shifted to gentler and more natural treatments, and she was able to cure her son completely.

She began to do the same to family and friends, and eventually, people were amazed with the results, and began to refer everyone they could to her.

This is how word got out!

Not long after, Helena was nurturing a career in holistic wellness consulting that changes the body’s biochemistry to allow healing and vitality to come naturally.

She has synthesized proven and custom strategies by doing deep research and experimentations on current health philosophies, uniting the most crucial, effective, and sustainable health information into an insightful and personalized natural health system.

Aside from helping organizations, elite athletes, high level consultants, and leaders expand the impact they have in the world. Helena is also the Health Architect/ NUTRITION & HEALTH COACH at Connect Health Integrative Health Clinic in Vancouver, Canada.

She is a regular donor to the United Nations Food Program, the Children Hunger Fund, Breakfast Club of Canada and the WE Charity School Nutrition Program.

Helena shows you that being and staying healthy can be easier than you ever thought! You don’t have to suffer or feel bad.

If you hold an important leadership role, impact a lot of people, and have a deep commitment to your career and you need your health… putting Helena to work for you will be a game-changer.

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How can I help
  • Complete lifestyle health assessment
  • Personalized, comprehensive, effective and sustainable health plan that will fit your lifestyle, your health goals, and, most importantly, your biochemistry and physiology.
  • Weekly check-ins for momentum creation and support as you implement the plan we created together.
  • Supplement optimization and organization
  • Advanced plans and discussions on creating exceptional levels of energy from the inside out by detailed and systematic mitochondrial optimization for healthspan and longevity.
  • Health maps with a clear visual of your plan.
Work Experience and Accreditation

Registered Health Coach (RHC), Registered Nutrition & Health Coach (RHNC-II)
Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach


Oh Helena, you are just so amazing, and this is why I love you so much! You always have such great energy about you, this joy just spreads to everyone around, and you always have such amazing advice. I love watching your stories and I love all my appointments with you❤️


“I am so happy to have worked with Helena, because I had been struggling with my weight for pretty much my whole life. I had it somewhat under control before I got pregnant in ‘95 with my son, but I put on 35 pounds and even now that my son is 20 years old I was weighing more than I did at 9 months pregnant. Since starting Helena’s program I have not had even 1 day with acid reflux and have not had to take any medications, and I finally have my ankles back!

Jessica Coulthard, Business Coach/ Mentor

I am writing to provide practical insight into what it is like to participate in Helena Bianchi’s program.

I had been suffering for two years from the consequences of exposure to floor levelling chemicals that I breathed in during our home renovation. As a result, I had been diagnosed with extensive eczema. It is perhaps difficult to understand what it is truly like to go from a healthy, active lifestyle, both professionally and personally, to a reality of requiring bandages under the feet in order to be able to walk, or to needing two cooling baths per night in order to sleep.

The solution seemed fairly straightforward to me; however, over time nothing worked despite many prescriptions by the medical profession, and the trial and error of many creams and lotions.

Helena is by profession a biochemist and, in fact, is also a Certified Holistic Nutritionist.

Helena offered a one-on-one coaching program in which I would have access to her help and expertise whenever I needed it; and where we would meet in person to tweak my personal program once per week. At first, I thought someone with a detailed knowledge of chemicals and personal experience with eczema would bring a new perspective to my situation.

Helena brought so much more.

One of the most striking traits that one encounters upon meeting her is her caring heart, and her strong, positive belief in the possibility for humanity. But the bonus is that these are found within an individual with extensive knowledge that crosses different domains: our food supply, chemicals, illness versus health, knowledge of the human body and its functions, etc. With a supportive and encouraging outlook, Helena helped me to navigate today’s very extensive world of supplements, this with in-depth expertise.

She believes that the human body has the capacity to heal itself if we create a certain environment that nurtures its healing capacity. From the outset, she gave clear direction in what to eat, what supplements my body could use to help rid it of the chemicals, what level of exercise would nurture rather than hinder the healing process. I had no idea how exercise affected eczema.

On some days Helena simply helped me to not lose hope.

As a result of coaching with Helena, visits to my family doctor saw me with: blood pressure readings reduced to a level of no longer requiring medication, significant weight loss that continues today, blood sugar readings that moved from pre-diabetic to normal, and a consistent plan of action to build a future of good health and wellness.

Had I not embarked upon my journey with Helena I do not know what my future would entail. May I quote my skin specialist: “I have no other options to offer you.”

My husband insists that we would not be where we are today, had it not been for Helena. She coached both my husband and me which made it much easier to land all parts of the program into my life on an ongoing basis.

I believe my future health has been very positively affected by my choice to undertake coaching with Helena Bianchi. It is very challenging to undergo significant change without a coach. There are simply too many variables, too much information, too many factors and a rollercoaster ride of emotions involved. Helena was my anchor throughout.

I thank you Helena for helping me to make constructive, positive choices towards a healthy future.

Suzanne Chamberlain, Chamberlain Training & Consulting

Honestly, I had doubts that I could do this because for the last few years I spent thousands of dollars on gyms and personal training. The training was great but the trainer wasn’t there at home and at the restaurants to keep me from putting the wrong foods in my mouth. When I was stressed I would eat chips and chocolate, and drink coffee mochas with whipped cream.

I decided to join Helena’s Program in my last attempt to lose those 30 lbs that crept up on me in the last several years. The very first session Helena spoke to us with so much encouragement, love, and support.

You can actually feel her love for you and her faith in you that you can actually accomplish this. She has a vast knowledge in the body, mind, and soul, and of course nutrition and the food industry. But her program is so much more than that!!!

Helena knows exactly what to say to give you what you need to motivate you even though she’s not at home or at the restaurant with you. I’ve seen results in the very first week (no word of a lie). My focus and energy level increased dramatically.

In less than two weeks, I lost 3 lbs. Yesterday I had to go buy new pants as I am down a size already and the program is not even complete yet. I have lost inches around my waist and thighs.

For the first time in a long time, I believe I can do this and I will be healthy and back in shape. It’s not just the weight though, it’s the energy level, increased focus, happier, more hopeful. I have no clue how she does it but, the fact that I don’t need chains on my fridge or a slap on the hand at the store is truly a miracle for me.

Her program is indeed the best program there is for health out there and everyone should take it. Helena is an encyclopedia of health and I am so grateful that God brought her into my life. I getting healthier by the week and there’s nothing better than being healthy. Thank you, Helena.” Oh my goodness, I have tears in my eyes now writing this. There’s so much more I could write!!!!! All my love, Lise

ise Lavigne, Lise Lavigne Coaching

Thank you, thank you Helena.

You’ve given me hope that I can make my way through this maze of toxicity to wellness

…but I’ve come to see & understand that I need & so appreciate your help.

Otherwise it is impossible to know what to do!!! Especially if the specialists don’t know. Thank you for all your wise words! ;-)))

Suzanne Chamberlain, Chamberlain Training & Consulting

As the end of the year approaches I wanted to introduce you to one of the greatest gifts that has entered my life this year.

Helena Bianchi is my peak performance coach, my client and my friend. I made the choice to join her program.

The first couple of weeks I was not super enthused. Bless Helena for her patience. The first few weeks I was a pissy client for her. I followed her steps and didn’t cheat, but I wasn’t fully in. She received numerous phone calls from me using my “WTF? Are you kidding me?” voice. I have now been working with Helena for just over 4 months.

My body is getting healthier, stronger and leaner (almost 40 lbs leaner). My energy levels are ridiculous and my mental clarity and focus are beyond what I could even imagine. As a side note….I thought I had great energy, focus and clarity before…I was wrong.

By making the decision to fully commit and be open to this process, I have learned so much about not only my health, but also about myself. I can tell you that over the last 4 months, my business has grown.

I have more clarity than I have ever had in respect to the products, services and impact I want my business to have. I have fully stepped out and owned how I want to serve the world with my business.

I have an amazing group of clients who are growing purpose driven businesses that are going to change the world. I have the energy and focus to show up fully every day to serve these amazing people.

Personally, I plan to summit Mt. Rainier in July and Machu Picchu in August. I have no doubt that with Helena’s help my body will completely do what it needs to do to make that happen.

Georgee Low, Owner Decide Your Life, Inc

“I learned how to truly eat healthy when I met Helena.

She gave me a 30-day challenge and I noticed that after a few days the previous joint pain I had on my fingers disappeared!!

I instantly became a believer and I am so glad Helena coached me through the whole process.

Helena has an amazing personality and you can definitely tell she is passionate about eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle.

She is very caring and will find a way that suits you best to guide you towards a better healthy quality of life.”

Kendrick Uy, Personal Trainer

“As part of our Healthy City programming, Helena delivered a one hour presentation for City of Burnaby staff on “How to Experience World-Class Levels of Energy in your Body Every Day”.

The response from staff exceeded our expectations, it was one of our largest turnouts for a Lunchtime Learning session with close to 100 employees in attendance.

The Healthy City Committee was instantly drawn to Helena’s enthusiastic personality and impressed with her extensive educational background focused in Science and Health.

As a Peak Performance Architect Helena’s knowledge and expertise in this area is evident. Helena was able to use her passion, energy, and charisma to create an immediate connection with the audience.

She is a captivating public speaker and her presentation was the perfect balance of scientific background and easy to follow health tips that could be implemented immediately.

I feel grateful to have had the opportunity to meet and work with Helena and hope to have the chance to partner with her again in the future.”

Healthy City Committee, City of Burnaby

“We started working with an architect… for our bodies.
3 weeks in, the difference is already VERY substantial. It’s magic… well ‘magic’ by using science.
Helena works with my building blocks (at the cellular level) to customize and design to my needs.
Yup. I’m getting redesigned 🙂

I highly recommend looking into her.”

Tobin and Sarah Smith

“I have been burnt out for years and suffered from brain fog, fatigue and stress. I knew it was time to change, I was so prepared for it. And what happened? I joined Helena’s program. I’ve been eating and drinking and living my life according to advice from the smartest health coach I’ve met! And she’s fun too!”

Patricia Erlandson

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3-month Health Foundation Plan

12 x 60 min

In these amazing 3 months together, we will create a solid health foundation for you with an effective and sustainable health program that will put you on the trajectory to achieve yoru health goals and for true health and vitality for years to come.

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Hourly Health Consult with Helena

1 x 60 min

Discuss anything health related you want with Helena.
If you don't want to buy a package for continuing building and momentum and just want a session once in a while, this is perfect.
Get Helena's 3-D view of your health and starting recommendations

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Health Foundations Review

2 x 60 min

For the first hour of this session, we will discuss all areas of your health in detail and get a baseline of your current state of health. We will also talk about your health goals.

In the second hour, we will create an effective and sustainable health plan to put you in the trajectory of achieving your health (and life!!) goals.

After this session is done, Helena will send you a copy of our plan!

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