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Mirthe Eckl

Functional Medicine Practitioner

London, United Kingdom

Her own diagnosis of the autoimmune condition Crohn’s throughout childhood started her on a journey of ‘trial and error’ in many different areas of treatments from an early age, including yoga, meditation, nutrition, eastern and western medicine.

Eventually, after learning how to find and read research in her Bachelor of Health degree (2007- 2011), she found medical research to relieve her of the disabling symptoms, and only thereafter discovered the back-then young-and-emerging field of Functional Medicine and went on to do post-graduate training in Functional Medicine (2015-2017).

In order for you to have access to the pulse of the newest research, Mirthe makes sure to schedule a large amount of her own time researching and adapting new scientific findings into her strategies and approaches.

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Mirthe will spend time with her patient, listen to his/her story, and look at the interactions among genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors that may be hindering/influencing long-term health, or chronic disease. If deemed necessary, and the clients willingness to dig deeper, Mirthe will order laboratory tests including genetics, hormones, predictive biomarkers, stool, heavy metal, low grade inflammation, nutrient deficiencies. Receive your unique protocol of targeted diet, neutraceutical and lifestyle adjustments to optimize and reverse less than ideal markers.

Work Experience and Accreditation

After a stint traveling the world looking after the NZ Olympic Team, elite surfers on the World Surfing League, and running exclusive, bespoke health retreats, she now practices out of both Verbier, Switzerland, and London, UK, in addition to bespoke and online offerings worldwide. It is her passionate belief that individuals can empower themselves to take control of their health and optimise their future with a bespoke health plan based on specific testing and expertise.

  • Bachelor of Health (Major Physiotherapy, First Class Honours, Netherlands, 2011)

  • Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner CFMP, 2017

  • Epigenetics & Nutrigenomics, 2017


Just wanted to say…… amazing I feel………like a new woman……10 years younger !! I have lost prob about a stone in weight and love eating all the good stuff, plus full of energy !!

So…….. Thank you so much x


I had been on hormone replacement therapy for various symptoms for several years, but really wanted to go off it. However, when I did, the symptoms started to come back. I did my DNA analysis through Mirthe, and only weeks into the tailored diet, herbs and lifestyle program, my symptoms started disappearing. I also started to sleep well again, the few extra pounds I had been wanting to get rid off for a few years just fell off.
Now, a few months into the program, my cycles have completely normalized and all my energy is back. I am looking forward to re-assessing my predictive biomarkers with Mirthe soon, to see if they have improved too.


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Functional Medicine Initial Consultation

1 hour

Deep dive into your health history, concerns & goals
Ordering of labs
Come up with a strategy for your health journey
Protocol pdf including a summary of personalised diet, lifestyle & supplement suggestions

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Functional Medicine Follow Up Strategy Call

1 x 30min

Adjustment of protocol & strategy where need be, discuss labs, go through any Q&A's

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