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Monika Evans

Tarot Readings, Reiki Master, Dream Work

Deia, Mallorca, Spain

Monika has been working as a Reiki practitioner and teacher in Vancouver and Europe after leaving a career in senior management with the Canadian Public Service. She received her Master Reiki training in Glastonbury and Stonehenge in 2010 from William Lee Rand, the founder and president of the International Center for Reiki Training. Following her move to Spain in 2012 she was the programme coordinator for Lynne Franks' Bloom Retreats and Deia Retreats on Mallorca.

As a Tarot reader she has worked at the Tarot Room, Serendipity and the Portal in Vancouver and on many wellness retreats in Spain as well as giving private consultations to international clients. In 2021 she developed her own Tarot deck "The Golden Goose Tarot" to offer more personal and in-depth readings.

Monika is also passionate about how to better understand the dream state. She is a Certified Teacher with the Robert Moss School of Active Dreaming and has been running Dream Circles and Workshops in Spain and London.

Tarot Reader
Active Dreaming Teacher
Reiki Master

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Gaining clarity, unblocking limitations and exploring choices for a richer, more fulfilling Soul guided life.

Work Experience and Accreditation


The Tarot Room, Serendipity, The Portal in Vancouver, Canada

The Holistic Centre in Deia and wellness retreats across Mallorca


Arbutus Clinic Vancouver

The Holistic Centre in Deia and wellness retreats across Mallorca

Salamander Spirit Usui Reiki Training Programmes for all levels

Dream Work:

Workshops and Dream Circles in London and on Mallorca

  • London School of Economics and Political Science, MSc European Studies Royal Holloway, City University, Postgraduate Diploma in International Journalism, University of London, BA Modern History, Economic History and Politics
  • Reiki Master Training with William Lee Rand, the founder and president of the International Center for Reiki Training
  • Teacher Training Certification with the Robert Moss School of Active Dreaming

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Distant Reiki Sessions

3 x 20mins

Reiki - a Japanese technique that gently balances life energies for stress reduction and relaxation, triggering the bodies natural healing abilities to improve and maintain health.

Reiki is now used by a growing number of Americans to help with relaxation, anxiety, pain management, and depression, according to a study in the March–April 2017 issue of Holistic Nursing Practice.

Reiki can help with many things including:
- Improved mood and emotional well-being
- Reduced stress and increased relaxation
- Better sleep, improved insomnia symptoms
- For people undergoing surgery, lower blood pressure, anxiety, and pain rates
- For people with cancer, improved anxiety and pain management

Reiki  Energy  works on the subconscious body which includes our mental, emotional, and spiritual health leading to more mental clarity and breaking-free from unhelpful thought patterns and limiting beliefs.

Reiki is a non-invasive & gentle, yet profoundly powerful modality that brings the body into deep states of parasympathetic activation and relaxation where your body does its best healing on all layers.


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Birthday – Tarot Reading

1 x 60mins

Birthdays and other transitional dates when a new cycle begins like the New Year are a good time to allow the cards to show what lies ahead, how to make the most of possibilities and mitigate any potential challenges.

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Career & Business – Tarot Reading

1 x 45mins

This Reading focuses on any questions related to your work life, career prospects or business decisions. The cards can illuminate opportunities and offer clarity on different choices.

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Love & Relationships – Tarot Reading

1 x 45mins

This Reading focuses on questions regarding intimate and family relationships and how to attract the right kind of love into your life. It often deals with past and ancestral wounding and how to move past that to attract harmonious and fulfilling relationships.

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Life Decisions – Tarot Reading

1 x 60mins

If you are faced with other life decisions or have questions that fall into more than one category, this Reading is designed to examine your options and chart the best way forward.

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