Questionnaire Results

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Career, business, mindset and life
limiting beliefs
career transition
burn out
stress management
public speaking
team leaders
emotional intelligence
communication skills
design thinking
writing effective speeches
effective storytelling
art of persuasion
stage presence
owning the room
structuring a presentation for impact
Healing and spiritual health
emotional freedom technique (eft)
functional medicine
health coach
limiting beliefs
burn out
stress management
tarot reading
sexual wellbeing
family stability
Nutrition, fitness and functional medicine
Polycystic ovary syndrome (pcos)
personal trainers
functional medicine
health coach
burn out
gut health
hormonal imbalances
stress management
lab testing
thyroid issues
weight loss or gain
chronic fatigue
loss of appetite
skin issues
digestive issues
irregular periods
maternal support
hashimoto’s disease
autoimmune disease
health optimisation
Plant based
Food planning
Plant medicine
Holistic health
energy healing
healthy meal planning
body pain
bone health
lung health
pre and post surgery
social isolation
sustainable living
marathon training preparation
weight management
women's training including pregnancy and postpartum
sleep coaching
United States
United Kingdom
France & Denmark
United Kingdom, Spain

Liz Brownstein

Plant Based & Healthy Food Coach Jerusalem, Israel

Liz's interest in food began at an early age. Her mother is an outstanding cook and vegetarian who would often explore different food cultures thro...
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Regina Carey, M.Ed.

Passion Instigator Okemos, United States

Known as the Queen of Action, Regina makes you do what you WANT to do! The goal of her work is to educate, empower, and advocate for those who f...
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Helena Bianchi MA, RHC, RNHC

Health Architect Vancouver, Canada

Helena is a Health Architect MA, Registered Health Coach (RHC), Registered Nutrition & Health Coach (RHNC-II) Nutrition & Lifestyle Coa...
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Laura Cole

Executive and Business coaching Toronto, Canada

Laura is a Solution-Focused Executive Coach working with leaders who want to identify and live into their own, authentic leadership style.  In a le...
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Mary Louise Morris

Mindfulness Coach London, United Kingdom

Mary Louise is an expert in stress management. She specialises in helping adults and children to come into a soothing, enlivening, creative way of ...
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Manuela Forunato

Registered Dietician, Holistic Nutritionist Rome, Italy

Here to support your life-changing journey and balance your hormones for healthier living through holistic nutrition, herbs, and lifestyle Hello t...
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Sam Dossa

Emotional Intelligence & Business Coach Birmingham, United Kingdom

Proud father of 3 beautiful daughters. I have carved myself with authenticity, integrity, self-care, self-respect, self-love, and a strong connecti...
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Mike Hohnen

Leadership & Entrepreneur Coaching Marseille - Copenhagen, France & Denmark

I believe that: - A high performing team is all about engagement. This is especially true in the services industries where engagement is the ultim...
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Alex Merry

Public Speaking Coach, Presentation Coach, Thought Leadership Coach London, United Kingdom

Becoming a public speaking coach was never part of the plan... In fact, I actively avoided every public speaking opportu...
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Sharonne Cohen

Health & Life Coach; EFT Practitioner; Energy Medicine practitioner; Qi Gong & Tai Chi Teacher Montreal, Canada

My journey into coaching and the healing arts began through my own experience of severe burnout, coping with its devastating physical and emotional...
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Mavis Tachie-Menson

Personal trainer London, United Kingdom

Mavis is recognized for her groundbreaking contributions to the field of Exercise Science. She has a B.S. in Exercise Science and a Masters degree ...
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Elisa Reale

Certified Hypnotherapist Mississauga, Canada

I am absolutely in love with this work and the amazing results it delivers. My journey with hypnosis started when I tried it myself. I was worki...
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Rose Bonham Carter

Sexological Bodyworker, Somatic Sex Coach, EFT Facilitator, Speaker and Energy worker London, United Kingdom

Rose holds a non-judgemental and grounded space. Her practice weaves together ancient healing arts and neuroscience to support her clients in into ...
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Santiago Rodriguez Tarditi

Plant-based Wellness: from vegan lifestyle to conscious cannabis consumption Miami, USA

Santiago is a Writer & Editorial Strategist with a Political Science background and a record in the media industry. He has lived in Milan, Bogo...
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Rosie Letts

Nutritional Therapist and Functional Medicine Practitioner London, United Kingdom

Feel Better and Live Better. Personlised Nutritional Testing & Analysis. Rosie is a registered nutritional therapist and functional medicine p...
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Yvette Ankrah

Transformational and business coaching London, United Kingdom

Dr Yvette Ankrah MBE is a transformational business coach, consultant and recovering overachiever! She works with high achieving women in business ...
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Monika Evans

Tarot Readings, Reiki Master, Dream Work Deia, Mallorca, Spain

Monika has been working as a Reiki practitioner and teacher in Vancouver and Europe after leaving a career in senior management with the Canadian P...
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Miriam Jimenez

Half-marathon , Marathon Coaching programs for all levels, Weight managment and Pregnacy- postpartum personal training sessions. London, United Kingdom, Spain

Miriam is an expert Running Coach, national long distance runner and personal trainer specialised in marathon training preparation, weight manageme...
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Francesca Minotti

Health and Nutrition Coaching Rome, Italy

I am a wellness advocate and certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, on a mission to help people find their own version of a balanced and hea...
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Rebecca Daffeh

Holistic Wellbeing Coaching, Energy Healing London, United Kingdom

Rebecca intuitively combines techniques to support people to nourish their mind, body and soul to create conscious change in their lives. By using ...
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Yannick Jacob

Existential Coach, Positive Psychologist, Former MSc Programme Leader London, United Kingdom

Choose life! I partner with clients to help them navigate their lives and careers, make big decisions, embrace their human condition in all its bea...
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Kirsten McCormick

Personalized fitness, nutrition, and overall wellness Seattle, USA

Kirsten is a fitness and wellness expert focused on guiding busy professionals to discover their healthiest life through fitness, nutrition, and a ...
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Charlotte Holmes

Yoga, movement and breath-work London, United Kingdom

Charlotte's love of movement has been lifelong; dancing from the age of 3, gymnastics from 10 and then becoming a fitness instrutor. She first foun...
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Laura Anderson

Career Coaching London, United Kingdom

Many people find themselves in management and leadership positions because it is the natural next step. However, few are given training and support...
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Maya Gudka

Executive Coaching, Life Coaching & Health Coaching London, United Kingdom

Maya graduated from the University of Cambridge with a First Class in Economics. She started her career in Goldman Sachs Equities, and then Economi...
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Health Coaching

Holistic Health Coaching Pennsylvania, USA

A life long martial artist, back-packer, entrepreneur, coach and lover of all things health, wellness and personal development, Ste spends his time...
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Alexandra Phizicky

Career & Leadership Coaching Vancouver, Canada

I’m a young professional just like you, out here trying to make a difference. I started my career as a motivational speaker for a non-profit and th...
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Jaimie Sarah

High Performance Coaching London, United Kingdom

Jaimie is the award-winning Founder of Definitely Definitely, a boutique executive coaching and consulting firm and global movement dedicated to he...
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Maria Van Zeller

Coaching for Purpose and Family Stability London, United Kingdom

I have always loved to connect with people in a personal, special and uplifting way. I like to listen and understand each person as everyone should...
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Victoria Shah

Yoga & Meditation Teacher London, United Kingdom

Very early on in her yoga practice Victoria discovered the transformative nature of yoga, bringing a sense of balance and groundedness amidst a bus...
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Mikaela Jackson

Career, Business, Life Coaching London, United Kingdom

Mikaela Jackson is a performance coach, female champion and the founder of She Almighty which provides career, business, life coaching services and...
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Sonia Lunacek

Mindfulness Coach California, USA

A mindfulness coach and fitness expert, Sonia is the co-founder of UpliftEXP, a wellness experience grounded in movement, breath, and nature connec...
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Mirthe Eckl

Functional Medicine Practitioner London, United Kingdom

Her own diagnosis of the autoimmune condition Crohn’s throughout childhood started her on a journey of ‘trial and error’ in many different areas of...
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Dr. Ava Eagle Brown

Mindset & Life Strategist London, United Kingdom

Awakening Your Calling to Your Life's Purpose Reset Your Mind and Claim Your Birthright Dr. Ava Eagle Brown is a multi-award-winning Internatio...
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Anaïs Poulain

Career Transition Coach London, United Kingdom

Do you feel unfulfilled with your current role? Are you looking for something more for your career, but not sure where to start? Do you feel frustr...
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