I worked with Kirsten while on a business trip to Seattle and wanted to keep up my training when spending long hours in a conference center. In addition to staying active, I also wanted to get some new inspiration when engaging a new personal trainer. My expectations were absolutely met in many ways. Five stars! The training was fun and challenging and a skilled trainer can absolutely give important advice even though we only met three times. She provided different movements and different cues which made the training get to yet another level. Kirsten pinpointed my weakness in my right hip (known to me for many years but she had a completely different way of helping me be even more aware of this) and balanced heavy work with more flexibility in a very good way for me. Kirsten’s personality was so positive, gave me a lot of energy, and made me take good care of myself during my business trip. If you’re thinking about signing up, I would highly encourage you! I’m so sorry Seattle is so far away from me!

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