I initially signed up to work with Kirsten because I felt like I’d taken my health and fitness as far as I could on my own and was dealing with some persistent injuries and wanted to see if getting stronger would help remedy them. As we worked together, my goals shifted away from always doing more to doing what was actually best for my body. I feel stronger and healthier, and our work was pivotal for helping me create better habits in my life. I did not ever think this former ballerina and distance runner could lift the weights I’m lifting now. Working with Kirsten has been a huge gift and has given me peace of mind that I’m on the right track and given me guidance when interpreting science and trends. Kirsten is incredibly patient and eased me into making the necessary changes to reach my goals. She’s shown me how making small changes over time makes a long term impact, and that’s made the whole process of improving my health and wellness easier for me. The entire process of working with Kirsten has been so comprehensive, so thorough, and incredibly supportive. She is an expert in her field and cares deeply about getting her clients great results in a way that works for their lifestyle. Virtual training can work so well when you’re working with the right person.”

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