Dr Ava Eagle Brown has truly been a Godsend to me. In more ways than one, ‘Dr Eagle’, you have been much more than my Coach. You listened. You listened. You listened. You picked me up numerous times even when I did not know that I was on the floor. Your patience with me was so palpable – and still is. You literally took me by the hand and said, “Let’s do this together” and we did. You opened new doors for me in business, huge doors in fact. I have learnt the nitty-gritty of business. In under 2 months I was making more money and closing more clients. What is more is that you did not only stick to our scheduled sessions, you were able to support me at times and in moments outside of the schedule. Thank you so much ‘Dr Eagle.’ You really have changed my life. Helped me find my strengths. Shown me even greater possibilities. And been a true sister, friend and Coach. I love you ‘Dr Eagle.’

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