As the end of the year approaches I wanted to introduce you to one of the greatest gifts that has entered my life this year.

Helena Bianchi is my peak performance coach, my client and my friend. I made the choice to join her program.

The first couple of weeks I was not super enthused. Bless Helena for her patience. The first few weeks I was a pissy client for her. I followed her steps and didn’t cheat, but I wasn’t fully in. She received numerous phone calls from me using my “WTF? Are you kidding me?” voice. I have now been working with Helena for just over 4 months.

My body is getting healthier, stronger and leaner (almost 40 lbs leaner). My energy levels are ridiculous and my mental clarity and focus are beyond what I could even imagine. As a side note….I thought I had great energy, focus and clarity before…I was wrong.

By making the decision to fully commit and be open to this process, I have learned so much about not only my health, but also about myself. I can tell you that over the last 4 months, my business has grown.

I have more clarity than I have ever had in respect to the products, services and impact I want my business to have. I have fully stepped out and owned how I want to serve the world with my business.

I have an amazing group of clients who are growing purpose driven businesses that are going to change the world. I have the energy and focus to show up fully every day to serve these amazing people.

Personally, I plan to summit Mt. Rainier in July and Machu Picchu in August. I have no doubt that with Helena’s help my body will completely do what it needs to do to make that happen.

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