“As part of our Healthy City programming, Helena delivered a one hour presentation for City of Burnaby staff on “How to Experience World-Class Levels of Energy in your Body Every Day”.

The response from staff exceeded our expectations, it was one of our largest turnouts for a Lunchtime Learning session with close to 100 employees in attendance.

The Healthy City Committee was instantly drawn to Helena’s enthusiastic personality and impressed with her extensive educational background focused in Science and Health.

As a Peak Performance Architect Helena’s knowledge and expertise in this area is evident. Helena was able to use her passion, energy, and charisma to create an immediate connection with the audience.

She is a captivating public speaker and her presentation was the perfect balance of scientific background and easy to follow health tips that could be implemented immediately.

I feel grateful to have had the opportunity to meet and work with Helena and hope to have the chance to partner with her again in the future.”

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