I have been working with Kirsten for 3 years. I wanted help with my aging body, which was arthritic, with a fused spine, two artificial knees and totally out of shape. She has toned me up, strengthened my legs, back and shoulders and has helped me rehabilitate after a knee replacement surgery. I could not walk without a cane or walker after my last knee replacement, and now I never use either around the house, and only a cane outdoors. She is always on my side, and her workouts seem to be perfect for me. I can walk a little better each week; I know how to handle muscle aches and pains, and she never pushes me beyond what I can handle. I’m looking forward to my 80th birthday next month and I feel so much younger than that. I think I can give you credit for that. If you are thinking about hiring Kirsten, I say “Go for it. It is so worth it.” I am amazed by her patience, kindness, and professionalism.

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