Having Yannick as my coach has dramatically improved my work and personal life. Within just a few sessions, I had already leaped past hurdles that I had put in my way for years! His clear, rational perspective can help anybody see that some of our perceived weaknesses are actually our unique strengths. I always look forward to my coaching session with my Yannick and absolutely vouch for him.” Yannick has enabled and empowered me to shape my personal life and career in ways I didn’t realize were possible. He is my trusted coach; equally compassionate and brilliant. On a personal level, I have fostered stronger relationships with the people I care about and have unlocked resources that have afforded me the financial security I had dreamed of. Yannick’s ability to help me take control of my career has perhaps been the most life changing. With coaching, I have propelled myself into my dream career as the Head of Diversity of Inclusion at a global company. I am practicing mindfulness, vulnerability, and purpose on a daily basis; and it’s enabled me to have the power, ownership, and support to further my career and life purpose. Coaching will be an important, on-going part of my life and I am thrilled to tell others about my positive experiences with Yannick

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