I am writing to provide practical insight into what it is like to participate in Helena Bianchi’s program.

I had been suffering for two years from the consequences of exposure to floor levelling chemicals that I breathed in during our home renovation. As a result, I had been diagnosed with extensive eczema. It is perhaps difficult to understand what it is truly like to go from a healthy, active lifestyle, both professionally and personally, to a reality of requiring bandages under the feet in order to be able to walk, or to needing two cooling baths per night in order to sleep.

The solution seemed fairly straightforward to me; however, over time nothing worked despite many prescriptions by the medical profession, and the trial and error of many creams and lotions.

Helena is by profession a biochemist and, in fact, is also a Certified Holistic Nutritionist.

Helena offered a one-on-one coaching program in which I would have access to her help and expertise whenever I needed it; and where we would meet in person to tweak my personal program once per week. At first, I thought someone with a detailed knowledge of chemicals and personal experience with eczema would bring a new perspective to my situation.

Helena brought so much more.

One of the most striking traits that one encounters upon meeting her is her caring heart, and her strong, positive belief in the possibility for humanity. But the bonus is that these are found within an individual with extensive knowledge that crosses different domains: our food supply, chemicals, illness versus health, knowledge of the human body and its functions, etc. With a supportive and encouraging outlook, Helena helped me to navigate today’s very extensive world of supplements, this with in-depth expertise.

She believes that the human body has the capacity to heal itself if we create a certain environment that nurtures its healing capacity. From the outset, she gave clear direction in what to eat, what supplements my body could use to help rid it of the chemicals, what level of exercise would nurture rather than hinder the healing process. I had no idea how exercise affected eczema.

On some days Helena simply helped me to not lose hope.

As a result of coaching with Helena, visits to my family doctor saw me with: blood pressure readings reduced to a level of no longer requiring medication, significant weight loss that continues today, blood sugar readings that moved from pre-diabetic to normal, and a consistent plan of action to build a future of good health and wellness.

Had I not embarked upon my journey with Helena I do not know what my future would entail. May I quote my skin specialist: “I have no other options to offer you.”

My husband insists that we would not be where we are today, had it not been for Helena. She coached both my husband and me which made it much easier to land all parts of the program into my life on an ongoing basis.

I believe my future health has been very positively affected by my choice to undertake coaching with Helena Bianchi. It is very challenging to undergo significant change without a coach. There are simply too many variables, too much information, too many factors and a rollercoaster ride of emotions involved. Helena was my anchor throughout.

I thank you Helena for helping me to make constructive, positive choices towards a healthy future.

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